Self-awareness can lead you everywhere

There is a time when you have to leave your reality, your everyday life, and see the bigger picture. There comes a day when you face all of your fears and all of your dreams at the same time. It is then when you remember all the hard moments you’ve been through, all the people you’ve met so far, all the obstacles you’ve overcome. It is then when you feel stronger and more powerful than ever before. And then you feel ready to follow your path and concur the world. That is the day you are reborn. There are habits and people you’ll have to leave behind to do so. They say “your choice, your call”. Absolutely. But every choice we make has an equal and opposite reaction. Are you willing to deal with the consequences of your choice? There is where your self-awareness will give you the answer.

Take a look at your past, take a good hard look of everything you’ve been through so far, examine the details of your past decisions, take into consideration things you regretted and things you’re proud of. Think of your previous mistakes that cost you a lot, find out where you’ve been wrong. Then take a look at your present. Are you happy or at least satisfied with your present life? Are there any changes you wish you could make? And then look ahead. At your future. How do you imagine yourself as time goes by?

Look carefully, be impartial. No emotions or other circumstances should get in your way. Stay focused on yourself. Practice and improve your judgment. In order to do so, you need to make a new acquaintance with yourself, have a deep conversation with yourself and do some serious thinking on it. Search inside. Yours fears, your insecurities, your hopes, your goals. Embrace all of it along with your flaws and your privileges. Then you’ll see who you used to be, who you are right now and who you want to become. You have to accept the true you and love you for who you really are. Trust your nature. The only thing you cannot really change is your nature. It includes your inner instincts, your stronger impulsions, your unshakable tendencies, your deepest thoughts. Acceptance of all these above is the key. And after this process takes place, your self-awareness will be completed. And it will be your own moment, your own chance to become the master of yourself. The master of your life.

There might be unpredictable difficulties of course. Besides, the unpredictable is the core of human nature. New people might intervene in your life, others will be lost; you might fall in love, you might lose your job. But then your self-awareness “wakes” you up and maintains your inner balance, without letting anything or anybody disturb it. You remember how far you have come, everything you’ve faced, all the battles you’ve won; then you realize how far you can go. In other words, as soon as your self-awareness is successful, you can handle every situation. No one is more vulnerable than the person who lacks self-awareness.

Everyone wants different things in their lives. Others desire professional success, others want to make their own family, others want to start over. No matter what your dreams or your needs are, once you figure out who you are, you can make the impossible possible. Only because you have started believing in yourself beyond your imagination and you don’t have second thoughts about your decisions. The true YOU can lead you to your inner stability and your personal bliss. Self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.

Aria Zfr

I'm the creator of my own bliss.

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